Your place to come home to

The new neighborhood gets its name from the two communities it borders - Aesch and Reinach. The new Aere Residential Community offers a unique living experience. In addition to high life quality and an active living experience, the community offers a wide range of premium-quality living spaces as well as jobs for service providers and a senior center. Surrounded by a verdant landscape, gardens, and outdoor recreational spaces, an idyllic neighborhood meeting the highest standards is taking shape.

The place to be

“This attractive community
with its tastefully designed
green zones is a space that
conveys a sense of wellness.”

Landscape architecture studio Vulkan

A living space
for everyone

The teacher is single. The journalist and the graphic artist are married and have a daughter. And the retired couple met later in life. They can all find a home here here, perhaps even work here, and perhaps even form a personal connection with one another. The Aere Residential Community is a little cosmos unto itself made possible by such a diverse range of structures. Buildings are being constructed with privately owned and rental units; there are commercial spaces for shops and services as well as a senior center with residential and care services. This attractive mix of dwellings and workspaces is made possible by the three project owners: the real estate service provider HRS Investment AG the real estate investment foundation Turidomus, and in-home care provider Senevita AG. They are combining their expertise to ensure that the Aere Residential Community will blossom and live on sustainably.

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