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Purchasing a home is something you may only do once, maybe twice, in a lifetime. This makes it all the more important to get sound advice - after all, this is about your dream home and how to finance it. With us, Intercity Vermarktung AG and HRS, you are in the best hands to have all your questions answered and to receive competent advice. We are standing by to guide you with our knowledge through the key decision phases.

Standing by to answer all your questions


We enjoy offering
personal assistance
to people every step
of the way along the path
to home ownership.”

CEO Intercity Vermarktung AG

Purchaser assistance

“From the vision to the
execution, to handing over the keys,
many decisions await you
along the way; we are here
to guide and support you.”

Project Lead Marketing HRS

Guide to

To ensure optimal financing arrangements
Another key and long-term issue is the financing of your home. There are often a number of options here as well - with questions such as: How high should the mortgage be? Where should your down payment come from? What are the recurring costs? And how can you optimize home ownership for tax purposes? We work with experienced mortgage partners to answer these and other questions. They all can provide you with expert advice, from financing to property transfer. In our "Guide to Financing" document, you will find all the direct, personal contacts for the various banks. 

We look forward to supporting you on your way to home ownership.
Financing example
Here is an is an example calculation of your future monthly costs.
Purchase price 3.5 room residential unit CHF 880,000.–
10% capital from Pillar 3a, savings, etc. CHF 88,000.–
10% capital as a withdrawal from the pension fund     CHF 88,000.–
80% mortgage CHF 704,000.–
Monthly costs    
Interest costs fixed-rate mortgage 0.75%*   CHF 128.–
Interest costs LIBOR-rate mortgage 0.65%** CHF 271.–
Amortization of 13% over 15 years (savings portion) CHF 652.–
Maintenance and ancillary costs of 1% CHF 733.–
Total monthly costs CHF 1,784.–

*Reference value for a 3-year fixed-rate mortgage interest rate.
** Reference value for a 3-year LIBOR mortgage interest rate.
All information provided without guarantee. Status: March 2021.


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